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Q and A: Gerry Croon Serenades Eternity With Symphonic 'Trail Of Time'  (Popular Cultural Beat - 6th September 2022 - USA)

Interview with Gerry Croon from Crooniek (Darker Side of Music - 21th August 2022 - USA)

Crooniek and Trail of Time - Interview  (Onyx Music - 15th August 2022 - Australia)

Crooniek, Neo Fanfare with a Gothic Twist (Lyrically Speaking - 31th July 2022 - USA)

Interview With Post-Punk Band, Crooniek  (The Noise beneath the Snow - 28th July 2022 - USA)


Review of 'Trail of Time' ( Popular Cultural Beat - 11th August 2022 - USA)

¨[...] Crooniek delivers music that's sublimely neoclassical. I admit that Neo Fanfare is a genre I hadn't heard of yet, but when I listened to the new album, Trail Of Time, with its blossoming brass swells, lovely xylophone and gorgeous arrangements, I was instantly converted.  [...]"

Review of 'Trail of Time'  (Aural Aggravation - 1th August 2022 - USA)

¨[...] 'You could never call this album dull. For the most part, it is very much a work of nostalgia-laden post-rock, and it's layered deep with sad strings and detailed but dolorous orchestration. [...]"

Review of 'Trail of Time' (Musiczine - 26th July 2022 - Belgium)

¨[...] 'Op 'Trail of Time' bewandelt de band een grijze zone tussen gothic en neo classic en voegt daar tot de verbeelding sprekende elementen aan toe van typische fanfare. Met een zang die zo kan komen uit een of ander sprookjesachtig paradijs.  [...]"

Review of 'Trail of Time'  (Darker Side of music - 2th July 2022 - United Kingdom)

¨[...] How you come up with combining brass with dark goth sounds, I have no idea how that would cross anyone's thoughts. I do not know, but Crooniek has managed it perfectly. [...]"

Review of 'Trail of Time'  (EBM - 23th June 2022 - Greece)

¨[...] Crooniek deserves a special mention for its unusual and original approach. Different wind instruments inject a true soul to the work which especially seduces me when joined with vocals[...]"

Review of 'Trail of Time'  (Side Line - 23th June 2022 - Belgium)

      ¨[...] The song "Would You Wake Me In Time?" ,is a brilliant exposure of the album. 

I especially like the distant Sopor Aeternus-touch running through the song. [...]"

Review of 'Trail of Time'  (Luminous Dash - 8th May 2022 - Belgium)  

¨[...] Een bijzonder album, met tracks in vrij uiteenlopende stijlen, doch sterk verbonden 
door de met tristesse gevulde sound van een sterk muzikaal ensemble!   [...]"

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